Relationship Coaching Has a Major PROBLEM!
Written by Terrence Pieters on Oct. 17th 2017
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80% of coaches don't understand the things they're teaching and therefore AREN'T getting you the RESULTS you're looking for. Another 10% FAKE it to GET YOUR MONEY!
As a guy, the idea starts out pretty simple: date a girl, get married, start a family.
Somewhere between elementary and college you quickly realize that this it's Not EASY AT ALL !!!

So a google search later you find yourself down a rabbit hole of search results all promising the same Thing: Girls, Dates, or The Playboy Lifestyle.
Before you start, I HIGHLY Recommend you learn the game you're playing. There's so much more to game than just cold approach.

The POINT is to Live the Life YOU Want !

NOT spend the rest of your life chasing tail.

But WHO should you listen to ?

Through the years I've noticed this CRAZY trend, where people get a little bit of success and want to become a coach. To avoid the frustration, waste of time, and money, I've created this video webinar to walk you step by step through a lot of issues you will find in the industry.

Here are things to look out for:

History & Lifestyle
Ask Questions: why, how, where
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Terrence Pieters helps guys who are serious about knowing the details of game and how to use that knowledge to improve themselves to grow into successful men through coaching.  

He is an expert at helping people understand and learn these tactics using repeatable systems and methods that make things super simple to understand & apply.

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