Cold Approach King
Written by Terrence Pieters on Nov. 12th 2017

The Good

The adrenaline and excitement from successfully walking up to a girl and getting her number or an instant date. This ideology as shown in many Hollywood movies like James bond

The Bad

Many who fall into the chase for women think it's the one and only way, and end up wasting 5-10 years of their life trying to get good at this skill. Understand that Cold Approach was never intended to be the one and only way to get women...

The Ugly

Most who join this movement are stuck in this low status mentality and lifestyle which in terms gets you the terrible results. The amount of investment it takes to spend hours out cold approaching, including the randomness of hoping and wishing the right girl goes to the location you're going, hoping it's at the same time on the same day, by herself vs with a boyfriend. All these unknowns put too much at risk when it comes to your results


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Terrence Pieters

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